ESD workstations Market: Worldwide Industry Analysis and New Market Opportunities Explored

Global ESD workstations Market Introduction

ESD Workstations are the specially designed workstations which are used for getting protection from electrostatic discharge. Working on workstations generates electrostatic charges which can result into accidents or other impacts, this can be avoided by grounding the electrostatic discharge. ESD workstations are designed along with the proper grounding of various components of the workstations. There are many ways of dealing with electrostatics charge problems in the industry. Some companies use ESD rubber mat and ground that for protection, however, it is not a proper protection because of inconsistency in grounding.

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Electronic part can be damaged with static charge produced on the workstation, therefore ESD workstations are widely used in electronics industry. Semiconductor products which are sensitive to a small impact of electrostatic charge are necessary to operate on ESD workstations. Increasing standards in the electronics industry along with the growing awareness about the advantages of ESD workstations, is expected to boost the demand for ESD workstations. The ESD workstation includes an electrostatic bench, working surface mat, a mat grounding cord, earth bonding point plug, wrist strap, earth bonding point bar, floor mat, and floor mat grounding cord amongst others. ESD mats are made from various different kinds of materials such as, PVC, rubber and vinyl amongst others.

Market Dynamics of ESD workstations Market

Growing electronic industry and increasing safety standards for industrial players

Electronic industry is focusing on improving manufacturing practices through various technologies including lean manufacturing, six sigma, and JIT amongst others. Manufacturers are also facing challenges to deal with environmental and safety laws. Various industries including electronics industry are making pushing a safe work place management which is expected to boost the demand for ESD workstations.

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Saving the cost of damage due to ESD

Electrostatic discharge can cause serious damage to several electronic parts or a whole equipment. This can charge a damage cost due to operational error. Use of ESD workstations can avoid such costs by providing proper grounding to the generated electrostatic charge. Semiconductor chips can be easily damaged due to a small shock due to ESD. Therefore ESD workstations, are more demanded in semiconductor industry than in other industries. Other electronic industries also prefer using ESD workstations over traditional workstations, due to its efficiency and safely handling capabilities of ESD workstations.

ESD workstations market trends: Continuous research is resulting into new product developments in the ESD workstations market

Key players are continuously investing in R&D for improved products and to gain market share with product improvement and differentiation. Growth in the demand for improved performance products is pushing the new developments in ESD workstations market. ESD workstations players are also focusing advancement of the ESD workstations as per the need of the operators and users of the workstations. Manufacturers are using various materials to construct an effective and efficient ESD workstation.

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Global ESD workstations Market Segmentation

On the basis of applications, the global ESD workstations market can be segmented as:

  • Assembly Workstation
  • Calibration Workstation
  • Product Innovation Workstation
  • Rework Station
  • Testing workstation
  • Others

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