Sales on Flip Chip Technology Market Significant Profits Estimated to be Generated by 2017 – 2025

Flip Chip Technology market is increasing at a progressive growth rate due to increasing usage for IC packaging and others. These Flip Chip Technology are specially used for processors of mainframe computers, personal computers, servers, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, games and in other devices. Moreover, the advancements in high-density and low-cost package substrates are encouraging the usage of Flip Chip Technology. The use of flip chips is so great worldwide that they have become an integral part of electronic component design and assembly

Flip Chip Technology was introduced by IBM Corporation in 1960 for supporting their solid logic technology. Later on, this Flip Chip technology was adopted by other companies for processors of PCs and other. Moreover, these Flip Chip technology is used in consumer based products such as computer peripherals, mobile phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players. This Flip Chip Technology is a kind of semiconductor device which is used to include solder bumps over the connection pads of the IC or micro electromechanical system (MEMS). Flip Chip technology allow wireless installation due to which mostly manufacturers use these Flip Chips. The Flip Chip technology helps in easing production process and quality management.

Flip Chip Technology Market: Drivers and Challenges

The major factor driving the adoption of Flip Chip Technology is the increasing need of these Flip Chip Technology among consumer electronic devices such as watches, smartphones, PCs and others. These Flip Chip Technology have also became a part of advance equipment due to which the usage of Flip Chip Technology has increased among other manufacturers.

The key challenge is the cost of flip chips stem from wafer fabrication vendors, substrate vendors, and assembly/packaging subcontractors. The increased costs are realized at every step of the process from re-passivation and redistribution (RDL) at wafer fabrication, to the high-performance multilayer organic build-up substrates provided by the substrate vendor. With the added costs of assembly, the flip chip package becomes a cost-prohibitive option.

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Flip Chip Technology Market: Segmentation

  • Flip Chip Technology can be segmented on the basis of product such as CPU, GPU, memory, CMOS Image Sensor and others.
  • Flip Chip Technology can also be segmented on the basis of its industry usage such as network equipment, smart phones, ECU, Sensors, Power Module, patient monitoring devices and other.

Competition Dashboard

Recent Development

In March, 2014— Honglitronic has launched its new LED model “X-CHIP 2016”, high power versions of 1W and 3W LEDs. It is designed for various backlight applications, especially TV backlighting, tablet panel backlighting and flashlight of cell phones etc.

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In May 2015, Samsung Electronics introduced the LM301A, a flip-chip-based mid-power LED package that can operate at anywhere from 0.2 watts to 1 watt — providing a wide range of current options, resulting in much improved light efficacy. The package was announced at a press conference, in conjunction with LIGHTFAIR International 2015.

Key Players

In Flip Chip Technology market there are many players some of them are IBM, Intel Corporation, Samsung Electronics’ and others.

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