Z Wave Products Market to Perceive Substantial Growth During 2017 – 2025

Global Z-wave Products Market: Introduction

Wireless communication is comprehensive term which includes all measures and procedures of communicating and connecting amid multiple devices using a wireless signal through wireless communication devices and technologies. Government initiatives towards digitization is leading to wireless communication with the advancement in technology worldwide. Z-wave is a form of wireless communication technology which is primarily used in businesses and home automation for security systems purposes. The evolution of wireless technology has witnessed numerous advancements with its effective features. Z-wave is often used in security systems, locks, lightings, home appliances, heating and cooling.  Most of the service providers which offer smartphone solutions use z-wave or zigBee because of its interoperability.

Global Z-wave Products Market: Drivers and Challenges

Z-wave alliance mandates to sell products under the brand name including Z-wave.  And is compatible with all the products across the wireless products which offers z-wave technology. The products would also be compatible with the products which would be launched 5 year later with updated z-wave technology. This feature of the z0wave products would enable user to adopt z-wave products and deploy in the smart homes. This factor is expected to drive the growth in revenue of global z-wave product market.

Z-wave is relatively slower in data transmission rates of up to 100 kilobits per seconds (kbps). This limits the users to invest more time in transferring data when there are lot of other better option in the market.

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Global Z-wave Products Market: Segmentation

Global Z-wave products market can be segmented by component type, and application.

On the basis of type, global Z-wave products market can be segmented into hardware and software.

On the basis of application, global Z-wave products market can be segmented into security and safety, entertainment, data storage and transfer others.

Global Z-wave Products Market: Regional Outlook

On the basis of regions, global Z-wave Products Market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, and Middle East and Africa. The Z-wave Products Market in North America and Europe is expected to have significant market share of the global Z-wave Products Market due to technological advancements in the regions and easy adoption among population with better technological know-how. Asia Pacific Z-wave Products Market is expected to have foremost potential during the forecast period. Z-wave Products Market in Latin America and Middle East and Africa is expected to register positive growth during the forecast period.

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In November 2017, the Z-Wave Alliance, which is an open consortium of leading global companies deploying the Z-Wave and smart-home standards, announced a new security mandate for wireless devices which received Z-Wave Certification after April 2, 2017. The security measures in the new framework, known as S2, offer the most advanced security for smart-home devices and controllers, gateways, and hubs in the market today.

Global Z-wave Products Market: Competition Landscape

Some of the key players for Z-wave Products Market include Z-Wave Products Inc., Sigma Designs, Inc., Jasco Products Company, Z-Wave Ireland, Nokia, Asha Abloy, Inovelli, Zooz

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